A Giveaway at The Thinking Closet

I was notified yesterday that I was the 100th follower of the amazing blog by Lauren at The Thinking Closet. It was such an honor to receive her gratitude and well wishes as she is the inspiration to updating and revamping my blog after reading her post, 10 Tips for New Bloggers…From a New Blogger. I’m coming to realize how amazing and inspiring the blogging craft world can be and how much we all support and inspire each other in one way or another. It’s so addicting! Thank you Lauren for sharing your beautiful life and crafty talents!

In honor of her 100 followers milestone, she is giving away a set of her handmade DIY Wallpaper Coasters. Click here to enter her giveaway by answering one (or all four) options listed in her post. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Happy Crafting!


2 thoughts on “A Giveaway at The Thinking Closet

  1. Aw…this made my blush with gratitude to read. I’ve not ever had someone dedicate an entire post to me and my blog. I feel truly humbled and blessed to be a part of this fantastic blogging community. It really is so wonderful to meet other bloggers like your sweet self and forge friendships as we encourage one another. Thanks for all of the shout out love.

    Also, your “About Me” on your sidebar looks great, by the way. You’re inspiring me to get one up on my blog sooner than later.

    Have a fantastic rest of your weekend, Myrachael. (What a beautiful name!)

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